Julk. 11.2.2011 @ 20:02
viim. muok. 25.5.2011 @ 10:10
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  1. Leader of Citizens


    Page work perfectly even with capitalist IE now! Ivan stupid! Now one thousand million IE-noobs or IE-capitalists or both may access Ivan website and enjoy Ivan art!

    Leader order Ivan immediately shoot himself with Ivan Kalashn…

    Umm. Leader now look at picture above comment. It in fact glorious CCCP propaganda! Leader forgive Ivan! Ivan continue create such art which show west pure aesthetic reality of CCCP might! Few be those noobs who not become communists after seeing this!

    Glory be of Lenin, Party and Leader!

  2. Ivan drink good quality CCCP beer and thank good luck, until he realize in CCCP there be no luck! There be only ideal society order which dictate occurence of goodness. Ivan run into plains and pull mighty CCCP plow a million miles until he reach Vladivostok.

    Politruk fasten Ivan pant rubber band in CCCP no need to use rubber, besides it too scarce even for Bill Gates! Politruk fasten giant metal spring in Ivan suspenders and Ivan be pulled back to Moscow. Ivan sow mighty CCCP seeds to furrow on his way back!

    Then Ivan have fed future Ivans of CCCP all the way from West (Moscow maybe a bit too West to be True CCCP) to Pacific! Surplus one spoonful of porridge (involuntary donation of kolkhoznik) will be used to buy Alaska back and annex it to mighty CCCP territory for purposes of future invasion!

    USA sure suffer of hunger because of bad eco-system. Followers of Lenin care of eco-system, namely that is be Communism! As we say in CCCP, Mother Earth is red.

    Ivan member of special task force designed to prevent Sarah Palin from eating the spoonful of porridge.